Grinding wheels but not as you know them…


Introducing Norton Quantum3 Light Comfort Grinding (LCG); our latest 3mm thick ceramic wheels that are perfect for light grinding operations.


Light Weld Grinding

Traditionally, when it comes to grinding light welds, a thick 7mm grinding wheel was one of the only options (next to fibre discs and flap discs).

This was not ideal as 7mm grinding wheels are often considered to be relatively weighty and therefore cumbersome to use, whilst standard fibre discs and flap discs are not ideal for use on sharp edges or grinding in corners.

If an operator has a big batch of heavy-duty grinding operations to complete, this is less of an issue, as you need a long lasting and robust grinding wheel in order to proficiently finish the task.

In other circumstances however, light grinding applications and smaller batches call for a grinding wheel that offers greater control, precision, and finesse than a 7mm disc can provide.

light comfort grinding wheel 3mm

In applications such as heating, plumbing, frame installation and general construction work, a 3mm disc would be ideal. Workshops that rework and renew parts will generally not grind all day and their grinding needs are ad-hoc, but when they are it needs to be quick, smooth and precise.

These kinds of operations are where the 3mm Norton Quantum3 Light Comfort Grinding wheels come into their own by offering 3 clear benefits; they’re faster, smoother and more precise than their traditional 7mm counterparts in light grinding applications.


This is due to their streamline construction and the proven benefits of the Norton Quantum3 ceramic grain.

Reduced hand fatigue from less vibration
through the machine

Sharp ceramic grain & the toughest bond system combine for the highest material removal

Longer wheel life using fewer wheels


Optimised for Cordless Machines

Light comfort grinding wheels are highly effective even with battery powered and cordless angle grinders. The new 3mm wheels offer 50% more battery life than traditional 7mm aluminium grinding wheels, which also equates to approximately 40% more material removal.

This effect is caused by the wheel’s lower weight compared to a 7mm disc, fewer vibrations generated, and a reduced level of procedural inefficiency when using the disc; the 3mm LCG is far easier to control.

battery graph

Speed, Comfort, Precision

3 reasons why customers will love 3mm Light Comfort Grinding wheels:
SGA image

1. Speed

With the lightest touch of the disc, material is removed in an instant. The speed of this grinding wheel is down to its light weight and the high performance ceramic grain. This continually self-sharpening abrasive is our leading premium grain, proven time-after-time to be incredibly effective in whatever application is presented.

2. Comfort

As the name suggests, Light Comfort Grinding wheels are very comfortable to use, as fewer vibrations are felt through the angle grinder when the disc is in use. The reduced thickness means the wheel can be used almost flat and it is far easier to control across the workpiece, so it won’t scratch or gouge the metal around the weld. Instead, the wheel ‘bites’ the surface, generating excellent traction on the workpiece.

3. Precision

The streamlined 3mm construction of the wheel, sharp ceramic grain and specialised engineered bond technology inside the wheel, makes it perfect for grinding tight spaces, curved and contoured workpieces.

Product Specifications

The Norton Quantum3 range is available through your local Norton distributor – find your closest stockist by visiting our “where to buy” website section.

Thickness Dimensions Wheel Type Wheel Specification Article Number Pack Quantity
3.0mm 115 x 3 x 22.23 27 NQ 30 S 66252846608 10
3.0mm 125 x 3 x 22.23 27 NQ 30 S 66252846609 10

The Quantum3 Family

The 3mm LCG Grinding Wheel forms part of the “Quantum3 family” – our complete range of cutting discs and grinding wheels. With this full and comprehensive collection, we can offer a solution for every metal fabrication application.

Discover more about the Norton Quantum3 family by downloading the flyer

Grinding Multiple Materials

Also available in LCG the Norton Multi-Material grinding wheel can be used on aluminium, steel, copper, even PVC. It won't load, removes light welds, burrs and excess material quickly and effectively.

SGA image