The latest innovation for PCD and PcBN tools machining

Machining superhard materials such as PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PcBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) places particularly great demands on grinding tools.
The workpiece and the diamond grain used in the grinding wheel have almost the same hardness and are very brittle, meaning that wear-resistant but free-grinding systems are required.

To meet constantly growing market requirements for higher quality and productivity, Norton Winter is launching the next generation ceramic diamond bond, PCX Prime.

PCX Prime - Quality proven by tests

A series of tests have proven that PCX Prime outperforms its predecessor (PCX) and market competitors in almost all applications. The reinforced bond system with higher porosity results in optimised grinding properties such as improved surface finish, better cutting edge quality, lower grinding forces and longer tool life.

The Norton Winter PCX Prime offers higher feed rates and reduced recondition intervals, resulting in improved process productivity and cost savings. In addition, its unique composition makes it easy to adapt the grinding tool to each new demanding application.

pcx foto

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PCX Prime is available in all grain sizes, standard shapes and dimensions. Customised tools can also be developed for specific requirements. 

Our expert engineers are available to support you with field tests and process optimisation.