body in white

Body-in-white (BIW) corresponds to the automotive manufacturing stage, where the unpainted steel frame elements are welded and assembled together. This is done through several means, including welding, riveting, clinching and laser brazing, to name a few.

Body-in-white sets the foundation for e-coat, primer, basecoat and clearcoat. If manufacturers do not identify and remove imperfections in the body-in-white, the paint processes can intensify them or cause paint defects. As a result, the vehicle is taken off-line for repair, significantly increasing production costs due to labour, material and time requirements.  
Employing high-performance abrasives is crucial to minimise the risk of rework and improve process efficiency.

From rough grinding to metal finishing

Two critical body-in-white machining processes are:

  • Rough grinding - includes blending mismatch and removing or levelling metal flash, tabs, and excessive tack weld.

  • Metal finishing - produces the final finish for the rough grind areas and removes and finishes 

Norton Abrasives offers products for every stage of body-in-white processing to provide a flawless surface finish. From fibre discs, flap discs, belts and non-woven products for rough grinding to paper, film and mesh discs for finishing, our abrasive solutions ensure consistency and precision whether used by hand, on a machine or configured for a range of robotic equipment.

Together with our automotive industry experts, we have selected the best products from the Norton range to showcase our recommendations for the body-in-white operations, including :

•    Identifying, removing, and finishing defects
•    Metal mismatch
•    Weld spatter removal
•    Robotic roof joint grinding

BIW brochure

In our comprehensive catalogue, you will also find an overview of matching back-up pads and interface pads, as well as grinding, sanding, and vacuum machines to maximise results when used with Norton abrasives.
By offering a complete solution, Norton adds true value to many of the applications found in the BIW manufacturing process.

Download the brochure to learn more about our solutions for the automotive body-in-white market.