The Norton Clipper CST120 ALU Masonry Saw

Electric construction machines are an increasingly popular choice amongst professionals and end-users. On top of the well established benefits, the Norton Clipper CST120 ALU provides something extra - it's an electric masonry saw that blends robust design with lightweight construction.

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The benefits of going electric

The main factors behind this trend are well known, firstly; they offer significant environmental, health and safety benefits over petrol powered equipment and secondly, they deliver a long term cost saving. 

Alongside the obvious health and environmental benefits of using an electric machine, there are significant cost and time savings to had by using them too.

There is no fuel required to operate the machine nor engine to maintain/service, thereby saving you money and time over a longer period.

Electric machines also tend to last longer without as much TLC than the current petrol powered equivalents.

Easy to move around the working site

Portability is one of the key hallmarks of the CST120 ALU (and smaller CST100 ALU) machine.

Their convenient folding legs and transport wheels make moving these saws around the work area a simple task rather than another big job.

Additionally, as the ALU machines are manufactured with a high proportion of aluminium parts, these models are the lightest masonry saws in the Norton Clipper portfolio.

As shown in our video, the machine can comfortably be moved by one person.

Precision cutting

The CST120 ALU has a cutting table length of 1.2 metres and a width of 660mm so it can accommodate large chunks of cutting material. The width can be further increased to 960mm with the use of a side extension (300mm), which is included.

A rubber surface layer on the cutting table helps prevent the material from moving or slipping mid-cut; adding to the safety aspects of this machine and aiding with clean and precise cutting.

The CST120 ALU also features strong, durable chrome-plated guiding bars that are intended to make cutting as straight forward and as safe as possible.

In addition, the saw’s easily adjustable cutting head provides a depth of 110mm and a tilting rail feature that enables (up to) 45-degree cutting when angular blocks are required.

Which blade should I choose for this masonry saw?

We recommend 5 different 350mm diamond blades for this saw:

Extreme Universal Diamond Blade –

For super-fast cutting and very long life.

The Duo segments on this blade provide high cutting speed and low vibration levels whilst also working to reduce heat build-up when in use.

The blade’s arrow shaped gullet slots quickly remove debris from the surface and also indicate the rotational direction.

Norton Diamond Blade Universal Laser

Extreme Uni Silencio Diamond Blade -

Our award winning innovation – outstanding cutting performance with a significant reduction in noise creation.

Each blade is fine-tuned to provide the best possible noise reduction and cutting performance on every machine that its used on.

Silencio Diamond Blade from Norton

Pro Beton Diamond Blade -

This versatile blade is a great choice for masonry saws such as the CST120 ALU.

Delivering high performance and great value, the Pro Beton will make light work of concrete and medium-to-hard refractory materials.

Diamond Blade Concrete Pro Beton

Extreme Granite Diamond Blade 

Specially designed for the cutting of granite or natural stone.

The Duo shaped trapezoidal segments produced with i-HD™ technology offer long life, excellent cutting speed, and comfort to the operator.

Extreme Diamond Blade from Norton

Extreme Ceramic Diamond Blade 

With its reinforced flange, which helps to keep the blade straight, this blade is the perfect selection for cutting ceramic, porcelain, gres wall and floor tiles using the CST120 ALU.



*Please Note: This product is subject to availability and may not be available for sale in your country. Please contact Norton via our web form to confirm.