Ultra-Thin 1.0mm Cutting Discs from Norton

Up to 40% greater productivity than other cutting discs, our latest Norton Quantum3 ultra-thin ceramic cutting discs are our fastest cutting ever.

Norton Ultra-Thin Cutting Discs

Why choose a thinner cutting disc?

Speed of cut
Generally the thinner the disc, the faster it cuts through material. The main difference between a thin and thick cutting discs becomes apparent when considering how much surface pressure is being applied.


The smaller the contact point between disc and workpiece, the higher the surface pressure.

Even with little pressure applied by the operator, the Norton Quantum3 Ultra-Thin cutting disc powers through metal as the disc itself does all the work.


Clean, straight cuts

An ultra-thin cutting disc will deliver accurate, precise and clean cuts through the metal every time. A clean cut is much easier to work with when welding and reduces further processing time.

quantum3 cutting disc


1mm cutting disc
Product life

The sharp, cool cutting Quantum3 ceramic grain gives this range of ultra-thin cutting discs an extended product life.

The customer therefore gets more cuts per disc, saving process time and costs.

In fact, testing has shown that there is (up to) a 40% increase in productivity when compared to other ceramic discs in the market.


Comfortable cutting

In the same vein, the patented Quantum3 ceramic grain offers a much more comfortable cutting experience owing to the fact that less pressure is required to get through the metal.

Fewer vibrations and much less noise is generated when using this Ultra-Thin Cutting Disc.


Lower energy consumption

The low pressure requirement and reduced friction when cutting, means that the angle grinder can retain its RPM better and thus the energy demands are reduced. Over time, this reduces the amount of general wear and tear on your machine.

High Performance Norton Quantum3 Ceramic Grain


The ultra-thin 1.0mm cutting disc now completes our product offering, giving our customers a choice for every application.

Alongside the newly incorporated 1.0mm, Norton can supply 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 4.2, and 7.0mm, all with the leading premium Quantum3 ceramic grain, all ‘Made to Slice’.


Its optimised structure, self-sharpening qualities, and cool cutting action ensure that the disc stays efficient and effective throughout its life.

We call this the “ceramic advantage” 

ceramic abrasive advantage

Why Should I Switch to Norton’s Cutting Disc?


Norton Quantum3 is our best-in-class, top tier cutting disc, outperforming other ceramic 1.0mm products in the market, saving time, money and waste. If you don’t believe us, why not order some samples and put our cutting discs to the test!

Simply contact us and we will send you some samples to try. Alternatively, you can find a distributor for this range by visiting our where to buy section.

More information about this range is also available by getting in touch with your Norton representative.