What is the best grinding wheel for my shop?

Most metal fabrication shops use abrasive tools somewhere in their process, but often struggle to choose the right tool for the job.
There are many different abrasive grains, available in a whole range of grit sizes and held together by different bonds. But what if you need to grind small batches of different parts daily on the same machine. Is there one perfect grinding wheel that simply does the job?

Choosing the wrong grinding tool can cost time and money

Small and medium-sized machining shops have at least three good reasons to use versatile grinding wheels: 
  1. Wheel replacement is time-consuming and requires a particular skill, making the changeover costly. 
  2. The reduced stock of a range of grinding wheels minimises the inventory cost.
  3. Abrasives must be properly stored when not in use, which requires a significant amount of space. 
To meet the market's needs and facilitate our customers' daily work, Norton has launched the new versatile bond, Norton VV1.

Just mount it and use it!

The new VV1 bond, available for aluminium oxide grains, has been engineered with small and medium manufacturers in mind. The product is compatible with many alloys and works across a wide range of applications and grinding parameters. It features reduced glazing, which is critical for longer wheel life and higher part quality. You can easily use one tool to grind different batches of parts on the same machine, eliminating time-consuming changeovers and parameter adjustments.


  • Surface grinding 

  • OD grinding

  • Saw and tool sharpening

VV1 grinding wheel

Customer benefits:

  • multiple applications 
  • increased workpiece quality 
  • reduced stock inventory
  • fewer wheel changes and parameter adjustments
  • reduced carbon footprint linked to operation due to lower energy consumption 


For further details and case studies, download the flyer.
Our expert engineers are available to support you with field tests and process optimisation.

For more information about the Norton VV1, contact your local Norton representative.

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