Norton introduces a revolutionary nano-crystalline ceramic grain

Norton Abrasives has introduced a proprietary Norton Quantum Prime nano-crystalline ceramic grain that provides unprecedented productivity benefits in a wide range of applications. The new grain offers outstanding grinding efficiency and part quality, as well as significantly longer wheel life than conventional ceramic grains.

One of the key features of the new Norton Quantum Prime is its friability. The self-sharpening grain means the wheel maintains its profile for longer, lowering dress requirements and significantly improving wheel life. Unparalleled sharpness and cutting efficiency of the micro-fracturing grain also results in reduced power draw, allowing for increased Material Removal Rate (MRR) and faster overall cycle times. The unique free cutting grain, combined with the latest bond technologies, allows the grain to break down more consistently, leading to improved part quality and geometry and excellent surface finish even at high MRR.

The combination of the micro-fracture properties of Norton Quantum Prime grain and the retention capability of advanced Norton organic and vitrified bond technologies, such as Norton Vitrium3, ensures excellent process efficiency and consistent part quality, which results in significant cost savings.

Jean-Marie Vallerot, Director of Product Management, Bonded and Superabrasives EMEA, claims: "Thanks to its unique formulation Norton Quantum Prime offers unparalleled productivity and outstanding quality across multiple grinding applications, bringing a true performance revolution."

The grain blends are available in all standard combinations with organic or vitrified bonds.


For more information please  contact your local Norton representative