Norton Quantum3 grinding wheels are made to bite!



At Norton we listen to our customers. We take on board their feedback and work tirelessly to come up with new solutions that make life easier.  As a result, Norton Quantum3 is the newest innovation in grinding wheel technology; a new generation of wheels specifically engineered by our highly specialised R&D teams using proprietary ceramic  grain and a tougher bond. Thanks to this evolution in abrasive science, Norton Quantum3 offers operators three major benefits: 




Improved comfort levels, with reduced hand fatigue from less cutting vibration thanks to optimised positioning of ceramic grain for 3D grinding



Increased throughput with a sharper wheel for highest metal removal and reduced pressure from faster cutting action


Less downtime, waste and process cost with longer wheel life using fewer wheels






Norton Quantum3 is tough enough to last and smooth enough to allow easier grinding. Wheels that use a precision-shaped ceramic grain tend to have a different feel than the Norton Quantum3 grain that's more rounded rather than pointed which allows a more robust, sharper cutting action for greater operator control. These wheels don’t grab or dig at the work piece when used in ANY direction. They simply glide through the work piece while removing metal. This also means the free cutting control can boost the amperage on its own without additional pressure needed on the tool. Smoother feel. Better control. Improved comfort.



Marek Chudzinski
Global Director of Product Management
Saint-Gobain Abrasives









Norton Quantum3 is causing a stir in industrial markets across the world.

Ideal for maintenance & repair operations as well as applications in the welding, oil & gas, shipyard, metal fabrication, steel construction and engineering industries, initial customer feedback is extremely positive “can I keep this wheel..? Its impressive” is a common theme. And it’s not surprising, Quantum3 answers many common problems faced by operators today; slow throughput and efficiency, high labour and process costs, issues with health and safety as a result of high vibration levels and use over long periods.  Thanks to it’s  new abrasive science, Quantum3 goes above and beyond in performance, life and comfort.