Using a Floor Saw: Help and Advice from Norton Clipper

To get the most out of your floor saw, everything from selecting the right diamond blade to its safe operation should be considered. Here is our overview of cutting concrete, asphalt and everything in between.

Blade Selection and Mounting

CS451Make sure that the diamond blade is selected in accordance with the material you have to cut and with the power of the machine. Before mounting any blade onto the saw, the blade should be inspected for any damage that might have occurred during transport, handling or previous use.

The blade must be properly fitted over the shaft and drive pin, making doubly sure that the drive pin projects through hole in blade and into collar. Take care not to force the blade onto shaft, as this could lead to damage and the blade guard must always be in place when the saw is running.

Always use an appropriately sized blade guard for the type of blade being used and (it almost goes without saying) wear safety glasses and appropriate safety equipment at all times.

Machine Maintenance and Safety Precautions

The EU Directive 2002/44/EC (the ‘Vibration Directive’) places responsibilities on employers to ensure that risks from hand-arm vibration are eliminated or reduced to an absolute minimum. It also sets maximum limits to the daily exposure to these hand-arm vibrations to prevent chronic conditions such as “White Finger” from occurring in the operator.

Ensure that adequate coolant is used when wet cutting with diamond blades, this will assist in maintaining the life of the blade and cutting efficiency. If for any reason the blade stalls in the cut, carefully raise the blade out, check the outer blade shaft collar, and the tightness of the nut. Inspect the blade for damage and always use caution when resuming any cut; making certain that the blade is in alignment with the previous cut.

General Advice

  • Never leave a floor saw unattended while its engine is running.
  • Always secure the saw from rolling when not in use.
  • Operate the engine at the proper RPM.
  • Never alter RPM or governor setting.


When Cutting Asphalt or Concrete…

Do not exert excessive side pressure on the handles as a method of steering nor try to force the blade into material by lowering the blade too quickly or increasing its speed. Larger diameter blades (450mm and above), are systematically used in step cutting between 5cm and 8cm and in short travel distances of 15 – 20 min. For deep cutting (> 20cm), we recommended that you make the first cutting-steps with a small diameter diamond blade (≤ 450mm) and then use a larger diameter diamond blade for last deepest steps. Following this procedure will help improve the life of the blade.

A great range of Floor Saws

For over 50 years Norton Clipper have been the standard bearer for floor saws; recognised for their quality and cutting performance on airport runways, residential driveways, and everything in between. Norton Clipper has an extensive range of floor saws in a range that offers everything from the lightweight machine for general contract work to heavy duty diesel saws for road cutting. Our latest; the CS451 floor saw, boasts vibration reducing handlebars for a more comfortable operator experience.

More help and advice available

For more guidance or advice concerning floor cutting or any other operation in which involve abrasives, please contact our Norton Clipper experts using this web form.