Masonry Saws

Masonry saws are an essential component of any construction site for cutting bricks, stones, or construction blocks. Norton Clipper offers a range of medium to large masonry saws and block saws in both petrol and electric versions, to provide the right solution from the smallest to the largest jobs.

  • 70184629851_img_01

    Lightest saw in the range, has a cutting head that allows 500mm cutting length

  • 70184630312_img_01

    A lightweight masonry saw with an extra wide conveyor cart and 45o tilting head.

  • 70184647620_img_01

    A lightweight, portable masonry saw offering a quick, precise and easy cut.

  • 70184614040_img_01

    Built with extruded aluminium profiles

  • 70184610057_img_01

    Built with extruded aluminium profiles and has a high precision tilting head

  • 70184630306_img_01

    Belt driven machine for precision cutting

  • 70184626994_img_01

    Built with an aluminium frame, pivot legs and stay level blade guard and waterproof

  • cm501

    High performing and robust masonry saw

  • 70184613985_img_01

    Dedicated for industrial applications, suitable for brick or refractory work

  • 70184610073_img_01
    JUMBO 651

    A powerful and robust saw, designed for continuous operation on job sites.

  • 70184613939_img_01
    JUMBO 900/1000

    Heavy duty, market preference for large masonry block saws

  • cb511_img_01

    Band saw for dry cutting of light construction blocks

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