Norton Abrasives, proud to be the first to use FSC certified paper

Norton is the first abrasive supplier to provide FSC paper backed products meaning that customers are choosing responsibly sourced products from well managed forests


Sustainable living and caring for the environment go hand in hand; and is just as important in the business world as it is in our personal lives. 
FSC® certification is becoming more and more a standard requirement for the DIY market and the FSC Trademark is recognized and chosen by more and more distributors.

Norton have recognised the importance of this and are proud to be the first abrasive supplier to provide FSC paper backed products. 

Norton's manufacturing plants in Conflans, Wesseling and Kolo are certified and can produce FSC products as well distribution centres in France, Stafford and Born.  
Both Norton Expert and Norton Technic DIY product ranges include FSC certified products. FSC products are also available as part of our Norton Industrial product range.




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