The best just got better!

Launched in 2004, Norton 4x4 Explorer was one of the first multi-purpose laser-welded diamond blades in the construction market, providing excellent cutting speed in all building materials, long product life and comfortable usage with all types of construction equipment.  


The new and improved Norton 4x4 Explorer + featuring the new i-HD technology takes a step further with a new segment specification and manufacturing process providing up to 40% faster cutting speed and 20% longer product life, thanks to the 12mm segment height.  
Benchmarking the most prominent competing products in the market, Norton has proved that 4x4 Explorer+ out-performs all multi-purpose competitor blades, ensuring the best return on investment for the end-user. Four patented or patent-pending technologies make the Norton 4x4 Explorer+ a smart diamond blade to use.



The new segment specification brings up to 40% faster cutting speed in all materials. The trapezoid shape segments provide a narrow, constant space between the segments, for reduced vibrations and a more comfortable cut. The serrations on the segment face contribute to the cutting speed and help to reduce the effort required by the operator. 


The 12mm high segments provide a long product life to ensure the best benefit for the users. The newly developed wear-indicator* directly embedded into the segment helps monitor the product life  – an interesting feature for hire companies. 



The new segment specification works perfectly in all kinds of building materials from granite, natural stones, reinforced concrete, blocks, bricks, green concrete and asphalt, as well as steel parts up to 5mm thickness. Available from 230mm up to 450mm, Norton 4x4 Explorer+ is suitable for use on right angle-grinders, petrol handheld saws, floor saws and masonry saws. 


The trapezoid shape segments* provides a constant and narrow space between the segment during the whole product life, reducing vibrations and shocks during the cut.



The patented depth-indicator makes the mounting of the blade easier, and once in rotation, two transparent lines appear to indicate 5 and 10cm cutting depth.  


Fully compliant with the latest EN13236:2010 safety standard, Norton 4x4 Explorer+ is fitted with the patent-pending Norton drop-shape gullets which prevent fatigue cracks in the steel-center, for a totally safe cut in metal pieces like rebars, pipes and safety barriers. 



The colorful packaging highlights the versatility of the product, and describes  the innovations embedded in the Norton 4x4 Explorer+. * only on diameter 300-350mm blades.





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