The biggest breakthrough in diamond tool technology

In the early 80's, Norton changed the diamond blade market by developing the process of laser welding diamond segments to a steel centre. This allowed, for the first time, laser-welded diamond products to be used without water on a wide range of masonry and construction materials, while maintaining speed of cut and product life compared with conventional abrasive blades. 



Today, Norton has developed Infiltrated High Density Technology (i-HD™) which, combined with the patented laser welding process is a significant breakthrough in diamond tool technology. Through many years of research and development this revolutionary process provides our customers with unrivalled performance, increased safety, lower energy manufacturing and a wider choice of segment design.
i-HD™ technology works by providing a uniform density across each whole segment without applying high pressure (as seen in the standard process),  allowing Norton to manufacture very robust segments which wear evenly, remain intact and perform at higher cutting speeds. The diamond grit is an integral part of the segment structure and during the patented process a special bond impregnates the core structure binding the diamond grit into the segment, ensuring optimum use of the diamond grit, providing a longer life. Norton’s optimized process also increases segment design flexibility resulting in greater diversification of diamond blade shapes to best suit applications and materials being cut.




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