Cut the cord, not the power

For years machine manufacturers have made cordless battery powered right angle grinders… but batteries ran out of charge too quickly and grinding power was limited. This is now changing through a new generation of cordless grinders with newly developed batteries generating significantly improved battery life and machine power. 

Developed in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers, Norton Accu, maximizes the efficiency of the angle grinder and helps to increases its working time.
The new Norton Accu range includes Norton Accu 1-2-3 Multi-Purpose (no wheel change required) and Norton Accu 1.0 mm (for minimum loss of power).


Accu 1-2-3 Multi-Purpose

The unique and patented design cuts, grinds and polishes ALL materials i.e. steel, glass, aluminium, concrete, stone, copper, PVC, wood or stainless steel. With Norton 1-2-3 no wheel changes are needed when working with different applications and materials.


Accu 1.0 mm

The 1.0 mm Accu cutting wheel gives a quick straight cut, preventing loss of power. The free cutting characteristic ensures that no additional battery power is lost as the wheel moves freely within the work-piece. Accu 1.0 mm gives maximum performance in both steel and inox applications.



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