Floor sanding

Whether rough or intermediate sanding, finishing or polishing, Norton can offer abrasives for sanding all types of wooden floors.


From the highest productivity premium products to more cost effective solutions we have the right product for you.
Innovative belts made with super sharp ceramic grain designed to cut faster and last up to three times longer, save you time, work and money on all types of wooden floors.

Alternatively, Screenbak discs have an open mesh structure impregnated with silicon carbide abrasive grains to prevent clogging, lasting longer than standard abrasives.  


For a wide variety of applications from stripping to polishing, BearTex non-woven discs remove dirt and grime to get floors back in shape before recoating and buffing, ensuring a smooth, consistent surface. We even offer non-abrasive pads and discs which, when used dry or with a fine mist to produce a mirror high gloss shine.


Make your life easier with Norton abrasives for floor sanding.


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