Norton abrasives breaks the mold when it comes to cutting and grinding in the foundry industry. From high stock removal to low surface finishing, it’s Norton’s aim to ensure our customers experience excellent performance in all applications. 

Thorough analysis of the abrasive processes in the foundry industry has enabled Norton to provide value adding abrasive solutions for the most demanding applications on steel alloys, stainless steel, manganese steel and iron castings for the energy, aerospace oil & gas, hydro, marine construction and general engineering industries. This, combined with many years experience in the industry has enabled us to develop abrasives for optimising cutting, grinding, stock removal and finishing applications that reduce process time, finish more parts per abrasive and as a result reduce overall process cost.   


Norton offers cut-off and grinding wheels, LDCO wheels, abrasive belts, mounted points and carbide burrs for manual and robotic cutting, grinding, degating, deburring and machining operations, to achieve the desired dimensional accuracy, shape and surface finish. Norton abrasives are aggressive enough to remove large amounds of stock fast, whilst allowing you to control the amount removed to achieve the requried finish.  But we cover the whole spectrum, and also offer products for finishing and fine finishing, to eliminate final defects to ensure castings and molds are perfect quality before handing over to your customers. 
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