Microabrasives in honing and superfinishing operations

For more than fifty years, Norton has manufactured high quality Microabrasives in a wide range of shapes and compositions. Using our technological expertise and knowledge in superfinishing and honing operations in the bearing, automotive, aerospace, and hydraulic markets, we have designed a technical brochure for Microabrasives in honing and superfinishing operations. 



Superfinishing is a high precision process to improve the final geometry and surface finish of the part, and to remove defects generated during grinding operations. Microfinishing is characterized by an oscillation of the stone, and the pressure of the abrasive on the rotating work piece.




Honing is a material removal operation yielding excellent dimensional accuracy in terms of linearity and roundness for cylinders and tubes in assembled parts. It can be performed after cutting and grinding the part and before or after heat treatment.
The guide provides you with details on our comprehensive range of bonded microabrasives and gives initial product recommendations for superfinishing and honing applications. 


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