The multi purpose diamond blade


Norton Clipper Multi Runner offers a reliable and fast cut on a wide variety of building materials, offering a solution for ductile cast iron, plastics, resins, fibre-glass reinforced composites and wood, which are typically difficult to cut with traditional diamond tools. 

Multi Runner is a vacuum-brazed diamond blade for dry-cutting on angle grinders and handheld cut-off petrol saws. Permanent contact of the diamond grit with the surface material provides a smoother, faster and more versatile cut, offering much longer life and constant cutting depth, in comparison to conventional abrasive thin wheels. 
Versatile diamond blades like Norton 4x4 Explorer+ provide a much faster cut and longer product life for the cutting of traditional building materials like concrete, asphalt and natural stones, where as Multi Runner offers a much cooler and smoother cut on exotic materials.  



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