Norton abrasive solutions for the aerospace & turbine markets

Norton provides solutions for today's most advanced applications in the aerospace and turbine markets.


The trend in turbine technology is to develop more economic, efficient and eco-friendly engines by increasing the use of high performance materials in assembly. Norton follows this trend by offering a range of innovative products and technical abrasive solutions designed to guarantee productivity is maximised and operating costs minimised, ensuring our customers experience excellent performance in all typical applications in the aerospace and turbine markets. Advances in Norton's research and development has generated grain and bond technology intended to improve part quality, reduce tooling cost and increase throughput across a number of metal applications. Norton Vitrium³ is an example of innovation in grinding wheel technology that is reshaping the world of precision grinding by providing cool cutting capabilities, maintaining a more precise profile and allowing an increase in the speed of operations in surface, creepfeed and fast reciprocation grinding applications.  
Norton Vortex2™ and Altos IPX grinding wheels are other examples of high performance solutions for grinding on multi-axis CNC machines. In addition to grinding wheels, Norton also offers diamond dressing solutions for perfect profile accuracy, abrasive belts for applications from shaping to finishing and large and medium diameter cut-off wheels for cutting sizable metal components. For light materials and composites, Norton manufactures a wide range of coated, specialties and non-woven abrasives for blending, refining, de-burring, surface preparation, cleaning and polishing applications. 


TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS FOR CREEPFEED GRINDING IN THE AEROSPACE & TURBINE MARKETS +                                                                               

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