Norton abrasive solutions for automotive manufacturing

Norton abrasive solutions add value, reduce operational costs and increase throughput in the production of engine components.


Norton is committed to providing innovative abrasive solutions for tomorrow’s vehicle manufacturing processes.

We understand the need for lower carbon dioxide and noise emissions, economical but high performance engines, reliability combined with longer maintenance intervals and lower cost price. To meet these demands, the machining of engine and gear components and assemblies is critical; both quality and quantity are priorities. To achieve volumes at the highest quality, it is essential that high performance machines and tools are used. Norton can help to meet these requirements with a range of high performance abrasives for cutting, grinding and shaping metal components. From vitrified bonded cBN grinding tools and dressers for gears, camshafts and crankshafts where the highest degree of accuracy is required to coated films manufactured using an electrostatic discharge ensuring optimised grain orientation for high cut rate in fine finishing operations and honing stones that offer excellent dimensional accuracy in linearity and roundness for cylinders and tubes in assembled parts.
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