Norton abrasive solutions for marine applications

Norton is a specialist in the development of abrasives for marine applications, offering a complete range of abrasive products for commonly encountered bodywork applications encountered in the nautical industry, whether that is in production, maintenance, or renovation work. Applications include cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, polishing or cleaning.



We are a specialist in the manufacture of cutting & grinding discs, offering innovations including multi-purpose discs, which are ideal for cutting all materials commonly encountered on ship yards. 


We offer a range of coated abrasive discs & specialties that are ideal grinding, blending & deburring. As well as standard aluminium oxide & zirconia alumina abrasive discs we also offer innovative solutions that use high performance ceramic aluminium oxide. 



Some years ago, we invented & patented the Multi-Air Process®. This process is ideal for finishing fibreglass applications as the multi-perforated dust hole arrangement typically increases dust extraction power by 30% & generally increases product life by 35%, compared to conventional sanding systems with dust extraction.


Norton also offers a wide range of polishing & cleaning products. In addition we also offer a range of non-abrasive accessories including a wide range of masking tapes especially designed with the marine market in mind.






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