Norton ICE discs - Smooth as ICE for a flawless finish




Norton ICE discs offer a flawless finish in just 2 steps using the Q175 Pure ICE film disc with the Q255 ICE polishing disc. This process is specifically designed to eliminate minor scratches and defects in paint work on body panels.

An incredibly fast, smooth & flawless finish  



Q175 Pure Ice discs have been engineered to even out minor stratches and defects on paintwork. With it's Aluminium Oxide abrasive, thin film backing and patented Resin Technology, this disc is tear resistant and flexible enough to provide a consistent, flawless finish, even on contoured areas.


The No-Fil® stearate treatment reduces clogging and dust build-up during application which helps to eliminate pigtails.

Colour coded for easy selection

Q175 films discs are available in 4 colour codes each representing a grit: P800, P1000, P1200 and P1500 making the product selection process easier for the bodyshop and are available in the most common diameters 150mm and 76mm and in a variety of hole configurations including 15, 7, 9 holes, Multi-Air and no hole for the 76mm.






Q255 ICE foam backed discs

The Q255 Norton Ice foam backed discs have been designed in super fine grits of P1500, P2000 & P3000. This allows a super fine finish to be achieved after using the Q175 film discs making them ideal for polishing out even faster on spot repair applications. The new ‘open mesh’ backing technology absorbs water and moulds to the surface for equal pressure distribution.

Colour coded for easy selection


Q255 foam discs are available in 3 colour codes each representing a grit:




Making it easier to know which disc is being used and the finish type. These all provide a uniformed cut throughout the product life, with a smooth finish and lower scratch depth for a high quality finish.


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