Norton Omega cutting-off, grinding wheels & flap discs

Norton Omega cutting-off, grinding wheels and flap discs work faster and last longer than standard products, saving you time, money and increasing productivity!

Norton’s range of Omega cutting-off, grinding wheels and flap discs have been designed for all applications found in metal fabrication industries including de-burring, weld removal, cutting and shaping. Cutting-off and grinding wheels are available in sizes 115 to 230mm for use on angle grinders. Norton Omega provides increased productivity thanks to exceptional cutting speed and stock removal rates over longer wheel lifetime, reducing costs in operations where cutting and grinding are an important part of the industrial process.
Omega flap discs are suitable for medium to high pressure applications thanks to the heavy poly-cotton backing and new bond system, available in standard configuration as well as high density with a higher volume of flaps for more demanding applications. Omega flap disc provides a fast and aggressive cut on all materials and extended lifetime with the disc being able to perform at optimum level for longer than any other zirconia flap disc.



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