A Platform of Grinding Solutions

The Norton Quantum Platform


Rough grinding wheels

Norton Quantum3 is the newest innovation in grinding wheel technology; a new generation of wheels for angle grinders specifically engineered by our highly specialised R&D teams using proprietary ceramic grain and a tougher bond. Thanks to this evolution in abrasive science, Norton Quantum3 offers operators three major benefits improved comfort, life and speed of cut, maintaining consistently highlevels of stock removal, even on hard alloy steels, maximizing product throughput without the need for high pressure.


Precision grinding wheels

With unrivalled precision, Norton Quantum grinding wheels provide the fastest and finest precision grinding in the industry. Norton Quantum wheels use alumina grain chemistry and shape developed from the Norton’s patented Seeded-Gel Technology for 50% to 100% improved performance and cost savings for grinding materials from cast iron to stainless steel & hard to grind inconel.


Flap and fibre discs

Quantum flap discs and fibre discs offer the ultimate solution for material removal on a number of metals, particularly hard to grind materials, found in the oil and gas industry. With ceramic grain & high performance bond formula, stock removal is maximised for quicker process time & cost per part reduction. The Quantum platform of flap and fibre discs also includes an advanced cooling treatment for low heat generation and reduced workpiece burn.
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