A practical solution for grinding those hard to reach areas

Norton offers a full range of solutions for grinding stainless steel, super alloys, carbon steel & welds, aluminium and even wood in all those hard to reach and small surface areas. 



Mini flap discs offer longer life than conventional discs and maximize productivity by minimizing downtime. Ideal for stock removal, deburring, removing flash, blending and finishing welds in metal fabrication, welding and general maintenance and repair shops. Available in 50mm and 75mm to fit all mini angle grinders. Use with a rubber back up pad for best results. 



Perfect for light to medium pressure grinding with faster cutting characteristics than conventional discs on small flat surfaces, contours and all types of metal. Use for light to medium pressure blending and finishing applications. Available in a range of sizes from 19mm to 75mm diameter in a number of grain types and grit sizes. Use on a pneumatic mini-grinder with a rubber back-up pad of suitable hardness for best results. See your local Norton representative for more details. 


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