Primary Steel

Today over 1.6 million tonnes of crude steel is produced globally and according to the World Steel Association, the impact of future urbanisation, with 1 billion people moving to towns and cities between now and 2030 will create substantial demand for infrastructre developments such as water, energy and mass transit systems for major construction and housing programmes.  

As the requirements in quality and productivity increase, so too does the demand for high performance abrasives for cutting-off and grinding and Norton provides just that; value adding  solutions for all applications in steel production. 


Whether cutting-off, roll, centreless or high pressure grinding of bars, sheets, rolls, slabs, billets or blooms to the highest quality, Norton offers not only a complete abrasive solution of grinding wheels, large diameter cut-off wheels, and high performance abrasive belts, but an experienced technical team of application engineers to support you in optimising processes and reducing costs. 
It goes without saying, safety is one of Norton's topmost priorities, and you can rest assured when using a Norton product you're in safe hands. Our relentless commitment to safety means all Norton abrasive cutting and grinding products are manufactured to meet the highest European health, safety and environmental standards. FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) is dedicated to the promotion of saftey in the use of abrasives and is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of the European (EN) and International Standards (ISO) for abrasives and grinding machines. As a founding member of oSa (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives) we work in close collaboration with FEPA  with the objective of supporting both the current safety standards and their future developments).  
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