A Quantum leap in roll grinding

With unrivalled precision, Norton Quantum roll grinding wheels provide the fastest and finest grinding in the industry.


Norton Quantum grinding wheels have been developed with ceramic grain and innovative organic and vitrified bond technology for regrinding and production of rolls in the steel, aluminium, brass, copper, paper and textile industries. The main consumption of rolls in the primary steel industry is where the rolling process is most commonly used to produce coils and plates to the required thickness and surface finish, starting from slabs.


Norton Quantum can help to reduce your consumption and ultimately lower your overall process cost thanks to the science inside the wheel which means Quantum can last up to 100% longer than standard grinding wheels.


Steel slabs are rolled in Hot Rolling Mills (HRM) or Cold Rolling Mills (CRM) to achieve the desired finish and dimension. For both hot and cold applications, rolls can be divided into two different families: Work rolls and Back-Up rolls.

Work rolls

Are used for rolling the steel, designed to sustain the high pressure and temperature (especially on HRM) and to impart the required surface finish.

Back-up rolls

Support the tremendous pressure exerted on the work rolls. They are not in direct contact with the steel plate.


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