A range of silent laser - welded diamond blades

The Norton Silencio range of silent laser-welded diamond blades is our most efficient specification, with up to 17mm high segments and a bespoke specification for the best performance in each application.

With its exclusive patented steel-centre technology, Norton Silencio is the most silent diamond blade on the market, with noise reduction up to 15dB(A), equivalent to up to 30 times less noise than a standard product. 
Residential areas, city centres, schools and hospitals are especially sensitive to noise, with more and more local regulations preventing excessive noise levels.  Norton Silencio protects the surrounding area from disturbing cutting noise.



Norton Silencio BS an extension to the Norton Silencio silent diamond blade range

The Norton Silencio BS range of diamond blades for block saws is an extension to the existing Silencio offering, designed for use on large machines such as Norton Clipper Jumbo 651, Jumbo 900 and Jumbo 1000. Thanks to the 15mm high laser welded segments and their innovative DUO U-shape, this new range offers extremely long product life, and cuts even the largest construction blocks and natural stones.  



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