Remove grits and reduce process times with high performance film rolls


Norton offer a complete range of high performance film backed abrasives for Microfinishing and Lapping operations.



Q351R is a product with rough backing to reduce slippage. The range has been designed to offer close tolerance finishes with high levels of consistency, in powertrain and cylinder/roll applications where the highest performance levels are needed for fine finishing operations.



The Lapping range is enriched with new patented Nanozyte technology, for all superfinishing operations that require extremely low surface roughness (Ra and Rz), reducing process times  by removing grits used in the process sequence.
Today the range is extremely successful in the metallographic market as well as the roll printing industry. Aluminium oxide grits are used for steel and chrome rolls, silicon carbide for hard rubber rolls and diamond grain for thermally sprayed coatings. Norton Film Rolls provide the highest performance needed for fine finishing operations.



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