Remove metal faster with Norton ceramic belts


For metal removal applications in the toughest environments, from plate grinding to turbine blades, Viking R996 and Red-X ceramic belts finish more parts per belt and can reduce grinding temperature by 20% for better work piece quality first time.  


The patented ceramic grain found in these belts provides high stock removal and longevity, even at high pressure. The friable nature of the grain which breaks down to constantly reveal new sharp cutting edges, means the initial sharp and fast cutting action is maintained throughout the life of the belts.


A third layer applied to the belts offers the most advanced cooling system, reducing friction, burn and protecting work piece integrity. In addition, strong polyester backing supports grain performance, avoiding slipping and enabling a consistent aggressive cutting action.


This new generation of technology that maximises efficiency and helps you to achieve the best from both your workforce and your automated machinery.









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