From rough to buff, BearTex has the answer!

Norton BearTex floor pads are great for getting rid of surface layers from wooden floors.


Whether you're stripping paint, gloss, varnish, resin or adhesives or producing a high gloss finish, BearTex discs provide the ideal solution, reducing work involved compared to using traditional abrasives.  With BearTex discs, once existing coatings have been removed, you can easily create "bite" or "key" for a new adhesive or sealer. The self-cleaning high quality abrasive grain allows each pad to evenly clean and strip while producing a floor ready for new coating and/or adhesive. Use diluted stripping products to increase production. 

Colour coded by grade, selecting the right product is easy. Black super stripping discs are aggressive and durable for those really hard to remove layers. Follow the sequence with green for super scrubbing, blue for general cleaning, beige for buffing and red followed by the white super gloss pad for the ultimate mirror gloss shine.


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