Technical Solutions for Grinding in the Bearing Market

Norton offers a range of technical solutions for use in manufacturing ball bearings, rings and raceways for cylindrical, needle, tapered and spherical bearings.

Bearings are mechanical devices used to reduce friction between two components that have a relative movement. There are many shapes, sizes and types of bearings that exist; ball bearings, roller bearings, needle bearings and tapered roller bearings all of which are classified according to the motions they allow, their principle of operation and by the direction of the applied load they can handle. Abrasives play a critical role in the manufacturing and final quality of the bearing and can significantly impact the efficiency of the grinding process and end result.
Norton offers a complete range of grinding wheels for ID, OD, centerless grinding, superfinishing and lapping as well as diamond and cBN dressing tools for grinding bearing rings and profiling wheels. From cost effective grinding solutions to new product innovation aimed at increasing grinding efficiency and improving part quality, Norton can provide a portfolio to suit all grinding requirements. Norton Quantum and Vitrium³ deliver huge performance and cost benefits thanks to developments in grain and bond knowledge from our team of experts in grinding technology. 
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