Ultra thin cutting wheel upgrade

Now with 30% performance upgrade: increase productivity & reduce cost


Premium sharp aluminium oxide grain and superior bond system provide exceptional performance in even the most demanding cutting applications on metal.


Reduce wasted tool change over time, maximise throughput, increase productivity and save money. Part of Norton’s ‘Best’ tier offering, Omega provides advantages throughout the application process with higher material removal rates, faster cutting action and product life; now up to 30% longer than the closest competitor. Omega is optimised for heavy usage in industrial processes, providing the most efficient output on high powered angle grinders for the most efficient output and performance whether cutting steel, stainless steel and hard alloys (all types). Omega grinding wheels are also availale for removing and preparing welds and general surface grinding. Finally, Omega is iron, sulphur and chlorine free meaning no contamination transferred to the work piece.
The 30% performance upgrade in 115x1.0mm and 125x1.0mm ultra thin cutting wheels means higher precision, longer wheel life, cool cutting without burning and more comfortable performance thanks to the open structure which allows free cutting.










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