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Catalog - Dedeco - SUNBURST - 8934

Dedeco® SUNBURST® Radial Bristle Discs IND Catalog - 8934

Dedeco®, in partnership with Saint-Gobain, offers SUNBURST® abrasive radial bristle discs and brushes for deburring, finishing, cleaning, and polishing in industrial markets.

FAB Buffing Wheel Case Study on Aerospace Components - 8831

Learn how the Norton FAB buffing wheel helped a major aerospace manufacturer decrease compound use and cycle time while meeting their finish requirements.

Norton High-Strength Non-Woven Products Brochure - 8969

Made to be forgiving and flexible while providing aggressive cutting action, Norton high-strength non-woven products are a great choice for buffing, deburring, and blending.
Brochure - Grain - Quantum Prime - 8906

Norton Quantum Prime Brochure - 8906

A new, proprietary, nano-crystalline ceramic grain, Norton Quantum Prime offers unparalleled grinding productivity across multiple applications.
Brochure - Superabrasives - Wheels - Foundry - Ironclad - 8830

Norton Winter Ironclad Superabrasive Foundry Wheel Brochure - 8830

Norton Winter Ironclad wheels offer a superior solution for fettling and snag grinding on casting gates, parting lines, sprues, and more.