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Norton Bear-Tex Non-Woven Products Mini Catalog - 400

Norton Bear-Tex non-woven surface finishing products allow for controlled cuts, increasing productivity; consistent, uniform finishes; the ability to automate operations; and minimized smearing.

Precision Customer Seminar - 2020

A seminar for our engineering, plant and purchasing customers giving an in-depth look at the many facets of precision grinding with the goal of increasing productivity.

Norton Stellar Double Disc Grinding Wheels Flyer - 8752

Norton Stellar inserted-nut grinding wheel have extremely consistent quality wheel-to-wheel offering improved life, increased parts per wheel, and lower cost per part.

Norton MeshPower Sanding Discs

Get virtually dust-free sanding with Norton MeshPower sanding discs you for a cleaner, healthier working environment, a better finish and a much more comfortable sanding experience.

Norton VMT Bond Technology for Grinding Wheels Flyer – 8777

Designed for silicon carbide wheels, VMT bond technology allows for more versatile grinding with improved performance, reducing power draw and improving wheel life.
Norton A970 Paper Discs

Norton A970 Paper Discs Flyer - 8629

Improve first-run throughput with the unrivaled performance of our new, ultra-pure Norton A970 discs during the defect removal phase of paint production.
Norton High-Performance Ultralap Discs, Rolls, Sheets Brochure - 8255

Norton High-Performance Ultralap Discs, Rolls, Sheets Brochure - 8255

Norton precision coated abrasive Ultralap products are specifically engineered to meet all your ultra-fine, consistent polishing and final finish requirements.