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Norton Clipper CST Series Saw Flyer - 8817

The CST Series is designed to handle heavier and larger materials than a traditional masonry or tile saw for precision cutting of masonry, stone, flooring, and tile products.

Norton Clipper C914P Compact Push Saw Flyer - 8818

With extreme reliability, portability, and strong performance, the full featured Norton Clipper C914P walk-behind saw is redefining the compact concrete saw class.
Norton Infiltrated High-Density Technology Diamond Blade Brochure-8563

Norton Infiltrated High-Density Technology Diamond Blade Brochure-8563

A patented technology with longer diamond blade life, faster cutting power, increased safety, and lower energy required for a high-quality result.

Norton Clipper 4X4 Diamond Blade Flyer – 8840

The Norton Clipper 4X4 Premium High-Speed Diamond Blade is an excellent blend of performance and price, designed for a better cut rate and finish.

Safety – Coated and Non-Woven Disc/Wheel Guide - 8829

Safety guide for coated and non-woven discs/wheels.

Safety - Grinding Wheel Guide - 4985T

Safety guide for grinding wheel users. Read before mounting the wheel.