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Flyer - Equipment - C35 saw - 8847

Norton Clipper C35 Series Mid-Range Walk-Behind Saw Flyer – 8847

The strong gasoline engine mounted on a clean, uncomplicated frame makes the Norton Clipper C35 series mid-range self-propelled walk-behind saws the best choice for small to mid‑size applications.

Norton Clipper Multi-Cut Diamond Blade Flyer - 8904

The perfect combination of performance and price on high-speed, masonry, and floor saws, the Norton Clipper Multi-Cut diamond blade has a long life and is reliable and fast cutting.
Flyer - Diamond Blades - Silencio - 8123

Norton Clipper Silencio Diamond Blades Flyer - 8123

Defying everything you’ve heard before, the Norton Clipper Silencio family of diamond blades takes sound dampening to another level by reducing noise up to 15 dB(A).

Norton Clipper Battery Pack Flyer - 8821

Designed to enhance the productivity of the 9" cordless portable saw, the Norton Clipper battery pack line offers a wide range of product to cover any job, whether cutting indoors or outside on the construction site.
Norton Construction Distribution Mkt Floor Care Products Catalog 8716

Norton Construction Distribution Mkt Floor Care Products Catalog 8716

Norton floor care products: floor sanding belts, discs, rolls, sheets and covers, diamond floor polishing pads, and non-woven floor maintenance pads, specifically chosen for the construction distribution market.
Flyer - Diamond Blades - Aero Jet - 7766

Norton Clipper Aero-Jet Diamond Blade Flyer - 7766

The new innovative design of the Norton Clipper Aero-Jet diamond blade allows for very fast, smooth cutting for hard materials.

Norton Clipper 4X4 Diamond Blade Flyer – 8840

The Norton Clipper 4X4 Premium High-Speed Diamond Blade is an excellent blend of performance and price, designed for a better cut rate and finish.

Norton Clipper New Diamond Blades Flyer - 8775

Norton has expanded their Clipper line of diamond blades with the addition of two new Classic walk behind blade sizes, as well as a new VALUPLUS ASPHALT high-speed blade.
Norton 4X4 Max Cut Diamond Blades Flyer - 8352

Norton 4X4 Max Cut Diamond Blades Flyer - 8352

The next generation of our original 4X4, the 4X4 Max Cut raises the bar in cutting performance with its innovative design that allows one blade to tackle multiple jobs for maximum productivity with less blade changes.