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Norton Mini Angle Sander Flyer - 8751

Get to those hard-to-reach areas and finish the job fast with the Norton Mini Angle Sander, ideal for deburring, sanding, blending, and finishing applications.

Norton Flap Discs - Blaze and BlueFire Minis - Flyer 8671

Fast and tough meets small and mighty! Save time, labor, and money. Norton Mini Flap discs eliminate the conventional 2-step process in grinding edges and removing welds and rust.
TIM brochure


TIM information technology application enables collision repair shops to optimize management of repair materials, helping the shop to lower costs, streamline repair processes and improve profitability.
Refinish Solutions Group Brochure - 8600

Refinish Solutions Group Brochure - 8600

A select group of industry leaders has come together to leverage their core expertise into one powerful network to assist you in improving your refinishing process and increasing your profitability.
Brochure - Hyper Concentrates - REVvive by RSG - 8936

REVvive by RSG Hyper Concentrates Brochure - 8936

REVvive by RSG Hyper Concentrates are ultra-concentrated automotive detail solutions that eliminate the need for any dilution system, saving space and reducing the chances of mess.

Norton VAC RACK® Brochure - 8714

The Norton VAC RACK® system brings dust extraction to the next level for a cleaner and healthier working environment.
REVvive by RSG Aerosols

REVvive by RSG Aerosols Brochure - 8757

Achieve maximum corrosion protection with minimal coats in a convenient aerosol application with REVvive by RSG Aerosols.
 Brochure - Film - Super Flexible - Q775 - 8963

Norton SuperFlexible Film Brochure - 8963

Designed to conform efficiently to contours without compromising cutting performance, Norton SuperFlexible Film perforated cut sheets and discs easily sand hard-to-reach areas.

Norton Automotive Aftermarket Refinishing Products Catalog - 330

A complete line of automotive aftermarket products, including abrasives, masking products, adhesives, sealers, coatings, body fillers, and refinishing products.