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    Energy & Environment

    Learn how the Norton suite of abrasive solutions can support your goals for sustainability and efficiency.
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    Wind Turbines

    Norton offers a number of abrasives for applications found in the manufacture and maintenance of aluminium and composite rotor blades, vanes, seals and casings.
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    Oil & Gas

    Norton offers abrasive innovations, on-site technical support and bespoke solutions for the engineering challenges faced in the oil & gas industry.
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Explore Further
Brochure - Grain - Quantum Prime - 8906

Norton Quantum Prime Brochure - 8906

A new, proprietary, nano-crystalline ceramic grain, Norton Quantum Prime offers unparalleled grinding productivity across multiple applications.
Flyer - Grain - Quantum Prime - Application - ODGrinding - 8911

Norton Quantum Prime OD Grinding Flyer - 8911

Learn how the Norton Quantum Prime grain can improve performance in OD grinding applications.

Norton BlueFire Wire Brushes Brochure - 8877

The BlueFire line of wire brushes has expanded and now has a whole new look. Find the right wire brush for your surface preparation, cleaning, deburring, blending, and finishing applications.

Norton Flap Discs Brochure - 8392

Norton abrasive flap discs eliminate the conventional 2-step grinding/finishing process of depressed center wheels and fiber discs – saving you time, labor, and money.

Norton Finishing 3D Printed Parts Application Guide - 8887

With the exponential adoption of 3D printing, finishing has been a key challenge. This application guide is designed to help recommend Norton products based on part geometry, material removal, and finish needs.
Norton Mini Flap Discs Flyer - 8567

Norton Mini Flap Discs Flyer - 8567

Fast and tough meets small and mighty with the new Norton mini flap discs, which include the best tier Blaze and a newly upgraded better BlueFire tier.
Norton BlueFire R860 Flap Discs Flyer - 8266

Norton BlueFire R860 Flap Discs Flyer - 8266

With an impressive cut rate and lower disc wear, BlueFire R860 flap discs allow you to take more control over your right angle grinding.