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Safety – Coated and Non-Woven Disc/Wheel Guide - 8829

Safety guide for coated and non-woven discs/wheels.

Safety - Grinding Wheel Guide - 4985T

Safety guide for grinding wheel users. Read before mounting the wheel.
Norton Pure Ice Q175 Film Finishing Discs Industrial Flyer - 8606

Norton Pure Ice Q175 Film Finishing Discs Industrial Flyer - 8606

A strong, thin film backing with premium aluminum oxide abrasive and a patented resin bond technology sand flat, resist loading, last long, and cut consistently for a finish that’s faster to buff out.

Norton Xtrimium Gear Grinding Wheels Flyer - 8717

With superior form holding and burn-free grinding, our Norton Xtrimium wheels are masters of worm grinding, profile grinding, and bevel grinding. Read more about these and our new dual-worm grinding wheels.

Norton Gemini2 Centerless and Cylindrical Wheel - Flyer 8670

Norton's latest technology - upgraded aluminum oxide abrasive blend and a dependable bond system to deliver an efficient cut rate and improved grinding wheel life to your low-volume precision operations, at a low price.