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Cutting vs Grinding Safety


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Norton BlueFire Thin Wheels Brochure - 8359

Norton BlueFire Thin Wheels Brochure - 8359

Proprietary zirconia alumina grain is used to create these versatile depressed center and cut-off wheels that grind and cut a variety of materials with efficiency: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys to gray iron.
Flyer - Wheels - Cut Off - Medium Density - Toros - FoundryX - 8933

Norton Toros and FoundryX Medium Diameter Cut-Off Wheels Flyer - 8933

Offering superior quality and a fast cut rate, Norton Toros and FoundryX medium diameter cut-off (MDCO) wheels maximize performance for more parts per wheel.
Norton Welding and Metal Fabrication Products Catalog - 7364

Norton Welding and Metal Fabrication Products Catalog - 7364

Cutting and grinding wheels; grinding, sanding, finishing, and polishing discs, rolls, sheet, and belts; non-woven surface finishing products – a full range of abrasive products all designed to make your job easier.
Flyer - Belts - Discs - NonWoven - Vortex Rapid Prep - 8891

Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Regular Flex Belts & Discs Flyer - 8891

Increase performance in cleaning, blending, and finishing applications with Norton Vortex Rapid Prep regular flex narrow belts and quick change discs.
Flyer - NonWoven - Wheels - Depressed Center - Rapid Polish - 8928

Norton Rapid Polish Discs Flyer - 8928

Made with a thick, dense felt material, Norton Rapid Polish discs stay cool during operation with no vibration, ensuring a smooth surface and a mirror shine.
Catalog - Abrasive Products for Right Angle Grinders - Norton #8923

Norton Abrasive Products for Right Angle Grinders Catalog - 8923

Find the right abrasives for your metal fabrication operation with this catalog, which provides product recommendations based on your application, work material, and product requirement.

Norton BlazeX F980 Discs Brochure - 8899

Bring the fire but not the heat with BlazeX F980 fiber and quick-change discs featuring new COOL FRICTION technology, which dissipates heat as you grind.