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Cutting vs Grinding Safety


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Norton RazorStar™ Discs Brochure - 9002

Take your right-angle grinding to a new level with Norton RazorStar™ fiber and quick-change discs featuring engineered shaped ceramic grain technology for the best cutting performance in the industry.

Norton Die Grinder Owner's Manual

Consult the Norton Pneumatic Die Grinder owner’s manual for safety information and operating and maintenance instructions.
Flyer - Wheels - Thin - Aluminum - 8975

Norton Aluminum Thin Wheels Flyer - 8975

Designed specifically for cutting and grinding aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals, the Norton for aluminum offering offers market leading wheel life and cutting speeds.

Norton Quantum3 RightCut Wheels Flyer - 8707

The Norton Quantum3 RightCut wheel delivers remarkable power and refined control, start to finish, so operators have smooth cutting performance to get the job done faster while using fewer wheels.
Flyer - Wheels - Depressed Center - Gemini Improved - 8939

Norton Gemini Grinding and Combination Wheel Flyer - 8939

The improved Norton Gemini grinding and combination/pipeline wheels now offer up to 60% longer life and 15% faster speed compared to previous generation products.
Flyer - Wheels - Cut-off - High-Speed - Gemini - #8958

Norton Gemini Reinforced High-Speed Cut-Off Wheels Flyer - 8958

The improved Norton Gemini high-speed cut-off wheels are made for cutting metal and stainless steel and have market leading performance at an economic price.
Flyer - Wheels - Cut Off - Medium Density - Toros - FoundryX - 8933

Norton Toros and FoundryX Medium Diameter Cut-Off Wheels Flyer - 8933

Offering superior quality and a fast cut rate, Norton Toros and FoundryX medium diameter cut-off (MDCO) wheels maximize performance for more parts per wheel.
Norton Bench Grinding Wheel Safety Flyer - 8639

Norton Bench Grinding Wheel Safety Flyer - 8639

Every tool crib needs long-lasting, multi-purpose bench and pedestal grinding wheels. Why not buy the best from the company that has always put safety first and helped to create and perfect current ANSI® standards?
Norton Coated Specialties - Spiral Bands - Flyer 8665

Norton Coated Specialties - Spiral Bands - Flyer 8665

No matter what the job or material, our 3-tier – Good, Better, Best – Norton Spiral Band stock line will meet your precision grinding goals. Smooth, chatter-free cutting action, and longer life for less change-overs.