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    Automotive Manufacture

    Innovative abrasive solutions for tomorrow’s vehicle manufacturing processes that add value, reduce operational costs and increase throughput in the production of engine components.
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    Norton offers significant expertise in Aerospace applications offering a range of innovative products and technical abrasive solutions
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    Norton abrasive solutions for cutting and grinding rail track, train manufacture, maintenance and repair and building and refurbishment of stations.
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    Norton offers a complete range of abrasive products for bodywork applications in the nautical industry for production, maintenance, or renovation.
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Norton RazorStar™ Discs Brochure - 9002

Take your right-angle grinding to a new level with Norton RazorStar™ fiber and quick-change discs featuring engineered shaped ceramic grain technology for the best cutting performance in the industry.

Farécla Profile System Brochure - 8878

The Farécla system is quick and easy to use with a full line of cutting and polishing compounds, along with application accessories, designed to help you perfect that shine on both painted and gel coat surfaces.
Norton Abrasive Product Solutions Industrial Market Catalog - 7362

Norton Abrasive Product Solutions Industrial Market Catalog - 7362

Industrial market stock catalog featuring a full line of coated, bonded, non-woven, and superabrasive products.

Norton Die Grinder Owner's Manual

Consult the Norton Pneumatic Die Grinder owner’s manual for safety information and operating and maintenance instructions.
Flyer - Wheels - Thin - Aluminum - 8975

Norton Aluminum Thin Wheels Flyer - 8975

Designed specifically for cutting and grinding aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals, the Norton for aluminum offering offers market leading wheel life and cutting speeds.
Norton Coated Specialties - Spiral Bands - Flyer 8665

Norton Coated Specialties - Spiral Bands - Flyer 8665

No matter what the job or material, our 3-tier – Good, Better, Best – Norton Spiral Band stock line will meet your precision grinding goals. Smooth, chatter-free cutting action, and longer life for less change-overs.