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    Automotive Manufacture

    Innovative abrasive solutions for tomorrow’s vehicle manufacturing processes that add value, reduce operational costs and increase throughput in the production of engine components.
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    Norton offers significant expertise in Aerospace applications offering a range of innovative products and technical abrasive solutions
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    Norton abrasive solutions for cutting and grinding rail track, train manufacture, maintenance and repair and building and refurbishment of stations.
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    Norton offers a complete range of abrasive products for bodywork applications in the nautical industry for production, maintenance, or renovation.
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The Norton Process Solutions Program or PSP helps customers achieve optimal productivity by allowing insider access to our team of technical experts.

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Norton Carbide Burrs - Brochure 8701

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Norton Die Grinder Brochure - 8700

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Norton Abrasive Product Solutions Industrial Market Catalog - 7362

Industrial market stock catalog featuring a full line of coated, bonded, non-woven, and superabrasive products.

Precision Customer Seminar - 2022

A seminar for our engineering, plant and purchasing customers giving an in-depth look at the many facets of precision grinding with the goal of increasing productivity.