Color-coded Norton Rapid Finish General Purpose Convolute Wheels

New Norton Color-Coded Rapid Finish Convolute Wheels Provide Increased Throughput, Fewer Wheel Changes and Smear-Free Finishes

WORCESTER, MA, USA - (December 8, 2016) –
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading manufacturer of performance-engineered abrasives, has introduced a General Purpose category of non-woven convolute wheels. Heavy Deburring and Final Finishing wheel categories are also slated to be introduced in 2017 and together the categories will follow a distinctive color-coding system designed for quickly choosing the right wheel for the application, while eliminating scrap and errors that can be caused by using the wrong wheel: maroon General Purpose, brown Heavy Deburring, and green Final Finishing wheels. Norton Rapid Finish color-coded pliable wheels are a precise combination of abrasives, grit size, density, and technology upgrades that provides the optimum combination of life, cut and smear-free finish, obtained via the patent-pending Norton Clean Bond Technology. 

A new fiber and high-temperature resin bond system in Norton Rapid Finish Convolute Wheels decreases wheel changes with up to 30% longer life and provides smear-free finishes. An improved grain/bond configuration increases throughput with a 30% faster finish.  In addition, new fiberglass cores versus the traditional phenolic cores, improve concentricity, reduce truing time, eliminate wear on wet applications, and elevate operator comfort with a vibration-minimizing feel. A heat-resistant finish decreases potential burn issues by ensuring a cooler grind zone. The new fiberglass cores are color-coded by abrasive type for easy wheel selection – white cores are aluminum oxide and black cores are silicon carbide. 

Along with increased throughput and decreased wheel changes, Norton Rapid Finish Convolute Wheels’ superior form holding generates optimal cost savings and part quality. Consistent, reliable edge-breaking and finishing with less shedding, wheel wearing, dressing and reshaping, saves time and money. Minimal surface-contaminating and airborne dust improves operator environment, safety.  Additionally, art finish quality and design conformability make these wheels operator-friendly with less body fatigue.

Norton Rapid Finish Convolute Wheels are available in sizes from 6” x 1/2”-1” to 12” x 2” x 5”. The abrasive is aluminum oxide in fine and medium grit, and silicon carbide in very fine to medium grit.

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