Easily Cut and Grind Aluminum with New Norton Wheels

The new Norton for aluminum wheels are designed for right angle cutting and grinding of aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals.

Featuring an extra-friable and self-sharpening aluminum oxide grain, these wheels cut and grind fast. They are also made with a non-loading, contaminate-free bond for long-lasting performance that eliminates the need for waxes and lubricants, keeping surfaces clean and defect-free.

The new Norton for aluminum wheels are available in:


Norton Cut-Off and Grinding Wheels for Aluminum

Download the flyer for the full list of specifications, and for more on aluminum metal fabrication and how these new wheels are  addressing the challenges of working with the material at a time when its use it growing, check out our article.

Watch the Norton Wheels Effortlessly Cut and Grind Aluminum!

SGA image
SGA image