Meet the Next Generation of Blaze

The BlazeX F970 line has expanded and now includes quick-change discs, in addition to fiber discs, for use on carbon steel and other soft-to-grind materials. 

BlazeX F970 quick-change discs are available in:

  • 2’’ and 3’’ diameters
  • TR (Type III) attachment
  • Coarse and medium grits ranging from 36 - 80

​​Made with a ceramic alumina micro-fracturing grain, BlazeX F970 quick-change and fiber discs deliver a better cut rate and longer life than blended ceramic alumina discs, improving the rust removal, cleaning and detailing processes.


The newest addition to the line: BlazeX F970 quick-change discs

Download the flyer to view the full list of parts and specs, and for a closer look at the abrasive technology behind BlazeX F970 fiber discs, see the feature in Modern Abrasives & Deburring.