New BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs Take Grinding to Another Level

Designed to deliver cool cuts on stainless steel and harder-to-grind materials, Norton BlazeX F980 fiber discs feature new COOL FRICTION technology that dissipates heat as you grind.

The combination of COOL FRICTION technology, an improved ceramic grain, a self-lubricating grinding aid treatment, and active filler in BlazeX F980 helps to reduce rework and change-overs, improve cut rate, and extend the life of the discs. 

BlazeX F980 fiber discs are available in:

  • 4 -1/2" x 7/8", 5" x 7/8", and 7" x 7/8" sizes
  • Both standard hole and speed-change attachments 
  • 36 grit

See how BlazeX F980 can improve your grinding experience.

BlazeX F980 Cool Friction

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