New Masonry and Tile Diamond Blades

Norton Clipper has two new diamond blades designed for fast, smooth cutting of hard materials: Norton Clipper Slicer Turbo Mesh and the improved Norton Clipper Aero-Jet.

Built with a unique mesh segment design and reinforced inner core to minimize chipping,  Slicer Turbo Mesh cuts extra hard ceramics and porcelain fast.

Featuring large arch shaped drop-down segments and a ventilated steel center, Aero-Jet is made for cool, precision cuts on ceramic and stone tiles, granite, marble, and very hard bricks.


Experience the benefits of Norton Clipper Slicer Turbo Mesh and Aero-Jet the next time you're cutting natural stone and tile. 


Download the Slicer Turbo Mesh Flyer    Download the Aero-Jet flyer