New Norton RazorStar™ Discs and Belts

Designed for medium to high pressure metal removal in the toughest applications, the new Norton RazorStar™ belts, fiber discs, and quick-change discs are setting a new standard in grinding.

RazorStar belts and discs feature 100% engineered shaped ceramic grain that contributes to a higher cut rate, longer life, and a cooler cut.

  • The razor-sharp grain cuts faster and removes more material.
  • The grain’s patented geometry keeps the grain sharp for longer belt and disc life.
  • The unique grain sharpness combined with supersize grinding aid reduces heat generation, resulting in less thermal damage to the workpiece.

Ready to reach for the star? Contact us to see how Norton RazorStar can solve your grinding challenges.

Norton RazorStar™ discs and belts

Introducing Norton RazorStar Discs and Belts


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