New Norton TOROS Large Diameter Cut-Off Wheels

Raising the Bar for Productivity and Performance

Ideal for use in the steel industry, Norton TOROS large diameter cut-off wheels are engineered to produce high-quality parts while reducing costs through improved productivity, cut efficiency, and wheel life, with up to 35% better G-Ratio over competitive wheels.

Designed to prevent side rubbing and pinching, Norton TOROS cut-off wheels last longer, and their square wheel face profile allows for faster and more consistent cuts.

Norton TOROS wheels also utilize a new bond formulation that is safer for operators and the environment and offers superior thermal and mechanical stability.
Large Diameter Cut-Off – Cold & Warm Cutting

  • Round Bar Diameters from 1" to 34"
  • Round Corner Squares (RCS)

Norton TOROS wheels are made to order, so please contact us to work with a member of our team to determine the best wheel for your application.