New Sanding Solution for the Collision Repair Market

Achieve virtually dust-free sanding with Norton MeshPower, resulting in a healthier work environment and better surface sanding performance. 

MeshPower is constructed with an open mesh backing that allows dust particles to flow freely through thousands of tiny holes, minimizing the dust produced and reducing clean-up time.

In addition, MeshPower utilizes Norton No-Fil technology, which prevents clogging for a consistent cut and longer product life.

MeshPower is available in: 

  • Discs, sheet rolls, and body file sheets
  • Ceramic grain and aluminum oxide grain
  • Coarse, medium, and fine grits ranging from 80 - 400

Change the way you sand with Norton MeshPower.

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​For more information about the full line of MeshPower products, visit our MeshPower page.